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Need a daddy! [May. 25th, 2014|02:52 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers
Hi my name is Angel. I'm 18 years old but i act like a four year-old little girl.
I throw temper tantrums i yell at people for no reason i cuss people out for no reason i hit people for no reason i also throw things at people i call people names and the list goes on. i need somebody who is VERY STRICT AND NOT AFRRAID TO PUNISH ME WHEN I'M BAD!! I'm also very insecure about myself and often down my self.
I'm looking for a daddy to be very very strict but also very nice when i actually am being a good little girl. I like to color, watch spongebob, swim, and eat icecream.
those are my favorite things to do.
if you are interested in being my daddy you can kik me my name is
now please be mindful that i do not want any sexual things in this... i want to strictly be treated like a four old. right now i am just doing kik and texting then maybe after a while we can talk to each other on the phone... this is what i feel comfortable with right now.
please do remember I'm not looking for anything sexual must be 100% clean. Please do consider me as as to be your little 4 year old