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Tween seeking a caregiver [Jun. 9th, 2014|10:24 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers
So I've done this before, posted a want ad and got nowhere with it. I think it might have been because I wasn't clear about what I was looking for. So I'm going to try again...

Let's start with a little bit about myself. I am a 21 year old student studying in Scotland. I value my education and the steady quiet life. I like to believe that I am a whole person, that my life is pretty fulfilled. I have a loving Master, I love my friends and I've surrounded myself with things that make me happy. Most of my time in my little state is spent on my own, dressing up my doll (Elizabette) and reading, or role playing online. However, the latter part has been tough, given that I've a very shy and timid middle. I've known other littles to jump into any persons arms and delightfully call them Mommy or Daddy. While there's nothing wrong with that, i tend to take things a lot slower. I wouldn't say that it is difficult for me to trust, because that's not really true - but I've found the bigs I've spoken to so far have been demanding, highly sexual and, frankly, pompous. I actually would really love to find someone I can relax with, find someone that I don't have to keep a guard up for, someone who doesn't really demand I be something I don't want to be.

If you were to message me, I would like to see the real you. I tend to be open, transparent and honest when dealing with people, and I come at them as the real me, starting with my name. Hiding behind titles and persona's seems insecure to me. I am looking for a man who is comfortable with himself and doesn't always have to relate to me as a "daddy", who can engage with me on a vanilla level. I would also like someone fairly young, hopefully someone within my own generation. The reason for this is normally so I can relate to you and you to me. When in lolita mode, i get excited about all the things that I grew up with, video games, books and films that moved me and shaped me as I grew up. I want to be able to share that with you and gush about pokemon and harry potter, maybe even play pretend. Someone growing up at the same time as me is far more likely to share my interests.

I'm a very creative person. I like to write and paint. Painting is my career choice and as such I've developed a pretty critical eye. What that means isn't that I like to criticize everything, but that I like to take things apart to see how they work. Analysing things in this way is very enjoyable for me and again, that is something I would like to share with someone. I love to learn and there is no greater pleasure for me than for someone to show me the deeper side of the media that I consume. I also love to flex my creative writing muscles through online text based role play (like cybering but without the sex!) If you're into that, I would love to put our heads together and see what we can come up with.

If you're thinking of answering this ad, then I'm probably going to ask you why you did so. Your intentions are very important to me. If you just saw "21 year old female tween age player" and went straight to sending me a message, then I'm going to be disappointed at best and suspicious at worst. Please don't let the fact that I have a vagina (there - I said it!) be the reason you message me. I want to connect to a person, a real human being with thoughts and feelings and opinions and desires, not to their genitalia. It might sound obvious but the problem that I keep slamming against when trying to find a compatible "daddy" is that I consistently feel objectified, constantly fending off men who are just after one thing. Like I said above, this has left me shy and nervous about meeting guys. But I really do want to fall into my role as a middle, and I really do enjoy sexual ageplay - being a middle is the nicest and most relieving thing for me right now. I have to stress it's not difficult to get me to trust you - just be patient, non-threatening and gentle. In otherwords, don't be an asshat!

ok - so here are the important points in bold.

I am looking for:
A man between the ages of 21 and 31, secure and happy. I am polyamourous and so ethical poly men are welcome to apply. I am a tween, that means I play between the ages of 10 and 14. Online relationships are fine at this stage. I am NOT interested in diaper play

You are looking for quick cyber sex
you are not a feminist
you are older than 31
no, seriously, you're not the exception. You are not the first person who has ignored this message and tried to pester me for sex, or wondered if I would respond to them even though they were in their 50's. You are not the first person to objectify me and see nothing but a potential vagina to stick your penis into

I apologise for the people who that didn't apply to, but I feel if it didn't put it up there in blank and white, I will get a slew of unwanted messages. In fact, I'm sure I still will.

Finally, i tend to be a little gender fluid in my middle state. That means that sometimes I want to be a young boy, as well as a girl. I know I'm pushing it a little here, but if you're ok with that, and would give me the space to be a boy sometimes, I would just love that.

Thanks for reading... I think I've given people a good idea what I'm looking for and who I am... If you have any further questions, include them in your message. You can find me on fetlife (Darah Deschain), or on skype (my skype name is "Darah Deschain" just like fetlife). If you add me on skype, or send me a message on fetlife, use the password "David Matthews" so I know you are responding to my add. You can also find in the chatroom at care4baby.com under the same name. I hope to hear from you soon :)
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Erotic Ageplay [May. 28th, 2014|08:39 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers

Lindsey Redfield
[mood |dirtydirty]

Hi! I'm an 18yo girl who is looking for a daddy to teach me all his secrets ;)
Love depicting myself as a teen girl who is curious, and catches her daddy doing something naughty ;) New to age play so open to try anything. Message me at babygirl03010@gmail.com if interested!
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Need a daddy! [May. 25th, 2014|02:52 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers
Hi my name is Angel. I'm 18 years old but i act like a four year-old little girl.
I throw temper tantrums i yell at people for no reason i cuss people out for no reason i hit people for no reason i also throw things at people i call people names and the list goes on. i need somebody who is VERY STRICT AND NOT AFRRAID TO PUNISH ME WHEN I'M BAD!! I'm also very insecure about myself and often down my self.
I'm looking for a daddy to be very very strict but also very nice when i actually am being a good little girl. I like to color, watch spongebob, swim, and eat icecream.
those are my favorite things to do.
if you are interested in being my daddy you can kik me my name is
now please be mindful that i do not want any sexual things in this... i want to strictly be treated like a four old. right now i am just doing kik and texting then maybe after a while we can talk to each other on the phone... this is what i feel comfortable with right now.
please do remember I'm not looking for anything sexual must be 100% clean. Please do consider me as as to be your little 4 year old
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2014|02:56 pm]
Single Ageplay Lovers
Good evening I am an experienced mature Dom who is into age play. I am willing to accept a woman who achieves her pleasure in serving her Master's (Daddy's) needs and desires. You should have the need to feel protected, safe, warm and loved. You should crave direction and delight in fulfilling your assigned tasks,I am very strict and demanding however, I do not receive pleasure from inflicting pain. If you need pain or public humiliation you need to look elseware.

I am not looking for a short fling nor should you be. My relationships are long lasting and monogamous. It takes time and considerable effort to develop a proper relationship.

I will accept a woman who is at least 30 years old. while the role you should enjoy playing is one of a young lady, you yourself must be an adult who has or has had children of her own.

You need to be intelligent as well as a creative writer for our relationship shall develop over time and will begin through a series of email correspondence.

If your interests and desires are stimulated by what you see here then you may begin by contacting me here.

You may address me as Lord Beowolf. You will have to earn the right to address me as Master and then earn the right to address me as Daddy.
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Looking for Daddy [Jan. 11th, 2014|08:19 pm]
Single Ageplay Lovers

I'm a 21 year old babygirl in the Chicago, Illinois area looking for a daddy.

From a daddy I want someone who:

Gives baths
Likes lots and lots of cuddles
Helps me get dressed
Tells me it's ok to wear diapers
Reads me bedtime stories
Feeds me my bottle
Is ok with my paci
Will give me structure and guidance.
likes to be in control
Answers and discusses all my stupid little questions and worries

I am looking for someone between the ages of 20-28

please email me at honju877@yahoo.com if you are interested.
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Activity In The Community, Oh MY! [Nov. 19th, 2013|08:35 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers

[Current Location | Lurking]
[mood |confusedconfused]

Well that was odd. I've been on here for months, and suddenly last night I get a bunch of notifications for posts here dating back to August. Must've been a glitch in the system stopping it from sending notifications. So if it happened to you too, you're not the only one, and it may explain why you haven't gotten the responses you might have expected.

Anyway, it's good to see some activity here again. I'm still interested in linking up with other ageplayers, either for Roleplay or Chat. For roleplays, I prefer being the big for a little girl, though other roles can be fun occasionally. For chatting, just about anyone.

Obviously I'm only interested in agePLAYers. If you're actually under 18 in real life, I'm not interested. As for the age you wish to PLAY, well that's flexible, but generally prefer under 14, cos I'm not all that much into the whole "teen angst" thing. (Snicker) I like 'em cuddly and playful! Incest roles are an option, not a requirement. Not into bathroom stuff or excessive punishment. Pretty much everything else is a possible.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, you know how to reach me!
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Needing a Daddy [Oct. 14th, 2013|05:09 pm]
Single Ageplay Lovers

[Current Location |home]
[mood |lonelylonely]


I am 27 y/o and looking for a Daddy. I have been going through some really hard stuff lately and I feel really alone. I would love to meet a Daddy who can let me be me, whatever age that is at the moment. Someone who will love me and let me cry when I feel like crying and help me feel better. I am looking for a Daddy who is kind and loving but also stritic. Its hard living in the world where you feel no one cares when you are bad. It can make you feel really yucky and I need a Daddy who will punish me when I'm bad but also reward me when I'm a good girl.

If you are at all interested in chating please email me at Kerryanne702@aol.com I really hope to hear from you soon!!
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Erotic Roleplay/Ageplay [Sep. 5th, 2013|07:33 pm]
Single Ageplay Lovers

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Looking for my Daddy [Aug. 29th, 2013|09:55 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers

[mood |hornyhorny]

Hi! I'm a 40something female looking for a Daddy for some erotic ageplay on livejournal and possibly Y!M, if our schedules can coordinate.

I'd love to have a Daddy who likes doggies too and who will teach me what makes him happy. Some possible scenarios are:
Daddy catching me doing something naughty and promising to keep my secret if I do something for him.
Daddy introduces me to tickle games, with hands getting more and more exploratory.
Daddy touching me while I'm asleep (or pretending to be asleep!)

I'm open to playing age 3-9...whatever makes Daddy happy! :)

Leave a comment here, or message me, or send an email to badlilkimmie@gmail.com if you're interested.
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newcomer [Aug. 17th, 2013|03:50 am]
Single Ageplay Lovers
Im new to being open about my desires to ageplay, and am looking for a girl that would like to show me the way ;). Let me know if you are interested in a loving but naughty daddy or brother :)
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