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Needing a Daddy [Oct. 14th, 2013|05:09 pm]
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I am 27 y/o and looking for a Daddy. I have been going through some really hard stuff lately and I feel really alone. I would love to meet a Daddy who can let me be me, whatever age that is at the moment. Someone who will love me and let me cry when I feel like crying and help me feel better. I am looking for a Daddy who is kind and loving but also stritic. Its hard living in the world where you feel no one cares when you are bad. It can make you feel really yucky and I need a Daddy who will punish me when I'm bad but also reward me when I'm a good girl.

If you are at all interested in chating please email me at Kerryanne702@aol.com I really hope to hear from you soon!!

[User Picture]From: dayvid_notellin
2013-11-19 03:40 pm (UTC)
I'm not all that great on the punishment thing, but I've got some candy for you when you're a good girl! :-)

(Yeah, yeah, cheesy, I know. But this daddy's pretty much a push-over!)

Ya know, just cos daddy don't beat you don't mean daddy don't care! :-P
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