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Looking for Daddy [Jan. 11th, 2014|08:19 pm]
Single Ageplay Lovers


I'm a 21 year old babygirl in the Chicago, Illinois area looking for a daddy.

From a daddy I want someone who:

Gives baths
Likes lots and lots of cuddles
Helps me get dressed
Tells me it's ok to wear diapers
Reads me bedtime stories
Feeds me my bottle
Is ok with my paci
Will give me structure and guidance.
likes to be in control
Answers and discusses all my stupid little questions and worries

I am looking for someone between the ages of 20-28

please email me at honju877@yahoo.com if you are interested.

From: dadddy2u
2014-08-03 03:29 am (UTC)


i might just be your daddy
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